Fusion Rebrands to Nexus Media With a New Marketing Plan to Compete With Apple, Spotify, Pandora

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NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Fusion Radio, an award-winning internet radio station originally launched in 2003 along with its dedicated video channel Fusion TV, is pleased to announce the completion of its rebranding efforts effective September 1st, 2015.  The post rebranding era will follow a period of expansion, new logo, website and a new marketing strategy.  The company will now operate under the name Nexus [a connection or series of connections linking two or more things].

The decision to rebrand was not an easy one, but after much deliberation, the next phase for this brand was chosen and Nexus was born. Operating with specialty radio stations; Dance, Pop, Latin Pop, an online video channel with original content and radio network partners in the Urban, Alternative, Drum & Bass and Regional Mexican genres, Nexus continues to stand out from the pack as larger media companies forcefully take stake in the marketplace.

“It’s like sending your child off to college, looking back at how proud you are, but also looking forward to the future and excitement ahead,” said Manny Esparza, Co-Founder and CEO.  “Building Fusion Radio and Fusion TV from the ground up over a period of 10 years was a strong passion for us, but we are re-energized and focused on building and expanding our new concept under the Nexus brand. You can’t stop change.”

With Nexus’ flagship station already having earned awards such as ‘Best Internet Radio Station’ for 2012 and 2013, as well as being nominated for an IDMA award in 2015, the next chapter in the station’s life is sure to place Nexus Radio as a pioneering force in the Dance Music scene. Nexus is much more than just an internet radio station and video channel, it’s a lifestyle media source.  It is evident that Nexus has a unique formula for its station, which includes staying true to its community, its listeners and most importantly, the music.  Competing with the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and iHeart, is the biggest challenge for many, if not all webcasters today.

“The internet radio market is completely flooded, it’s like OPEC vs. the fracking companies. Nobody wants to slow down production, its driving oil prices down, and the revenue isn’t enough to sustain them all. In other words, there are too many internet radio services, with very little setting them apart. The bubble is going to pop, and only those that are different will survive. That’s where Nexus comes in.”

Based in Chicago, Nexus is a live station with a broadcast studio where they conduct live shows, artist interviews and create video content.  Notably, they are also known for conducting their nation-wide pride tour (NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Columbus,Milwaukee, Indianapolis), their DJ mix-shows, weekly/monthly music charts which are published in select publications across the United States, hosting monthly events such as VideoTron in Chicago, and for truly building a focus on the music, artists and fans, making Nexus second to none.

“We’ve always striven to be more than just an internet station and with the recent explosion of personalized radio services, we feel there is a lack of connection to those services.  There is a void that personalized radio is unable to fill and we’re building a community that is revolved around the music, genre and most importantly the fans,” said Gregory Schweitzer, Co-Founder and COO.

What’s next for Nexus….?  The brand continues to interact with its community, artists and its fans.  Nexus plans on implementing guest artist blogs, a community focused forum with event listings and allowing more interaction between artists, DJs and fans.  Nexus was founded by dance music lovers for dance music lovers.

Nexus Radio and TV is America’s premier internet radio station and network. Nexus’ flagship dance station was awarded ‘Best Internet Radio Station’ by notable industry group Promo Only in 2012 and 2013. In 2015, Nexus Dance earned an IDMAaward nomination. In Addition to its flagship dance station, the radio network also features stations in pop, latinpop, regional latin, alternative, urban and a dedicated video channel called Nexus TV.

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